Green Valley  Poultry Farm

A family farm for over four generations, Green Valley Poultry Farm is the largest producer of shell eggs in the state of Virginia, producing 19.5 million dozen shell eggs per year. Green Valley owns approximately 1380 acres of land in five locations around the Abingdon, Virginia area. The farm has 9 layer houses and 3 pullet houses with the capacity to house 1 million birds and grow 750,000 pullets a year.

An average of 680,000 eggs are processed a day. The eggs never touch human hands and are transported from under the hens straight to a washer and grader, where they are cleaned, weighed, and sorted according to size and quality. Then they are packed in cartons and cases and moved to a refrigerated cooler. At this point, the orders are assembled and loaded on refrigerated trucks before being transported that afternoon to our customers. This means it's possible for an egg that was laid today to be in your local grocery store the next morning. “Now that’s freshness that can’t be beat!” Green Valley also owns its own feed mill that produces 700 tons of feed a week that is conveyed directly to each layer house. 

Green Valley Eggs

Abingdon, VA

Our farm fresh eggs begin here. Surrounded by the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains, we are blessed with numerous natural resources, and like the Appalachia farmers before us, we strive to preserve them. In Southwest Virginia you will find winding country roads, beautiful scenery, vibrant culture, the sound of mountain music, and a sense of community like no other. 

Truly proud to call Abingdon our family's home since 1935.