Family Farm

The mission at Dutt & Wagner has always been to provide the best food possible while treating our customers, workers, animals, and environment with respect. Our Vision has evolved to also provide the customer with choice and the information to make informed buying decisions.  

We are committed to being a good corporate citizen. Our integrated business model is focused on sustainability, animal welfare, and food safety to provide a product that is:

  • Affordable 
  • Delicious 
  • Nutritious 
  • Highest Quality


The vertically integrated business model of Dutt & Wagner allows us to do more with considerably less to achieve the three main goals of waste reduction, environmental health, and economic profitability.
Energy. Every aspect of Dutt & Wagner's distribution model, from producing feed and raising laying hens to transportation, has led to a reduction of the company's overall carbon footprint.  Sustainable agriculture starts with the local grain that is purchased for our hen's feed. More than 80% of corn purchased supports local farmers, reducing transportation costs and vehicle emissions. 
Water. All water waste from Green Valley is hauled to the Washington County waste water treatment plant where it is processed because of the high pH content. Treating waste water is not required by law, but is a corporation policy for water quality. Not only does this reduce the potential impact on water quality, but it also helps reduce fly and odor problems associated with the material.  
Waste. A major by-product of the egg industry is chicken litter; Green Valley operates its own compost operation. Rodney Wagner, Vice President, works with the Nutrient Management Specialist for the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation to develop Nutrient Management Plans for all landowners and farmers that use the litter for fertilizer. 

Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare 

Dutt & Wagner and Green Valley Poultry Farms are committed to providing the best welfare for our hens. We believe that the healthiest and happiest hens lay the best eggs.  Our commitment to animal welfare starts at our farm and extends throughout the supply chain. All eggs produced by Green Valley are in compliance with United Egg Producers (UEP) Animal Husbandry Guidelines.  

The UEP Certified program provides assurance that the hens receive adequate space, protection from predators, temperature controlled housing, nutritious food (with no added hormones), clean water, proper lighting, fresh air, and proper animal handling. All employees sign a code of conduct and are properly trained in animal handling, health, and welfare. Compliance audits are conducted by third party inspectors annually. 

Quality Assurance Food Safety

Quality Assurance and Food Safety 

Dutt & Wagner prides itself on its high level of food safety, quality, and commitment to detail. Dutt & Wagner maintains strict compliance to all federal, state, and local mandates regarding the safe manufacture and handling of foods.  Quality control policies and procedures are strictly monitored and enforced at all farm locations. Green Valley follows the UEP 5-Star Total Quality Assurance Program to ensure product consistency, quality, and safety.  

An HACCP plan is in place and supported by a full complement of quality food safety systems including the cleaning and disinfection of poultry barns, rodent and pest elimination, environmental testing, salmonella prevention, proper egg washing, bio-security, and refrigeration. The Food and Drug Administration and/or the USDA inspects our plants at least once per year.  Third party auditing firms, which conform to both domestic and global standards, consistently rate our plants "Excellent."

Green Valley Farm Awards

Awards and Recognition

2000: Green Valley Farms was the first farm in Virginia to be presented with the “Water Quality Award” by the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation.

2001: Green Valley was the recipient of the Big Sandy/Tennessee River Basin Clean Water Farm Award.