Green Valley Eggs

Green Valley Farm Fresh Eggs
  • White and Brown

  • Cage Free and Conventional

  • Carton, Loose, and Bulk

  • Jumbo, Extra Large, Large, Medium, and Small

  • 6 pack, Dozen, 18-pack, 2.5 Dozen, and 5 Dozen 

Private Label Shell Eggs

Private Label Shell Eggs
  • Customized egg program for your brand to your specifications 

  • Customized egg packaging in foam cartons, clear, pulp, or bulk 

  • 6 pack, Dozen, 18-pack, 2.5 Dozen, and 5 Dozen

Specialty Eggs

Cage Free Eggs


Duck Eggs

Virginia Duck Eggs
  • Cage Free Duck Eggs 

  • 4-pack carton, Loose, and Bulk 

  • Jumbo, Large, and Mixed

Egg Products 

Liquid Egg Products
  • Liquid Whole Eggs

  • Liquid Cage Free Whole Eggs

  • Egg Whites

  • Hard Boiled Eggs

Our Green Valley Eggs are United Egg Producer Certified because we understand our responsibility to house and manage our hens at the highest levels of safety and care