• Whole Chickens: fresh, CVP, 8 piece cut, and WOGS

  • Chicken Breasts: fresh, CVP, frozen, bone-in, boneless, skinless, breaded, and marinated

  • Thighs: fresh, CVP, frozen, bone-in, and boneless

  • Wings: fresh, CVP, frozen, breaded, cooked, and flavored

  • Tenderloins: frozen, CVP, breaded, fritter, raw, and cooked

  • Additional Chicken Products: drumsticks, leg quarters, livers, backs, necks, gizzards, and fowl fat


  • Whole Turkeys: frozen, 16-18 lbs 

  • Turkey Breasts: frozen, smoked, cajun, mesquite, browned, peppered 

  • Drums: frozen, smoked

  • Additional Turkey Products: ground turkey, deli turkey roll, necks, wings